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#104442 - Oh well he said, did jenny ask you if she could get a lift into the village? uh, oh yes, I'll take her now, and get some chippings while we're at it! (And boy was I going to make sure we were at it alright!. Slowly she pulled back, and as she did so my cock started to appear from between her lips, glistening with her saliva! She did this several times, and then started to altrnate between sucking my cock and wanking it with her hand as it came out of her warm moist mouth. She came up close and whispered in my ear you know how I said to you, I could but I won't because of who you are married to, not because you are married (something she had said to me years earlier when I made a modest advance to her, she was single then), yes i said, apprehensively, well.

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So very sexy jamie foster would be such good fun
One of my fave porn stars rip
In my opinion i thought this scene was a bummer this could have been a 5 star scene first if both of these cougars would have taken there blouse and bras off second they should have had a real guy sitting their wanking off and third with about 2 minutes left both of the ladies should have begged the young man to shoot his hott spunk all over there beautiful mature tits but over all i give this scene a 1 5 stars
Gennai hiraga
Nice cock i love it