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#142789 - It was a greater feeling than I had ever experienced but this time it was not coming from between my legs. Someday, heaven forbid, you may understand more than you do now and I pray if that day comes that you will remember what I have said here today and remember what i have taught you about forgiveness” “Forgiveness?“ “Listen, we have to get to the market now before all the good vegies are gone or Helena will skin us alive, but just know that we love you very much and that is all that matters” I didn’t say much for the rest of the morning but Angelina and I shared plenty of hugs as I helped her load the vegies in the truck and helped out with the other chores before heading home. I felt my balls contract and so did Helena as she now pumped furiously on my shaft and pulled my cock out of her mouth aiming it at her tits.

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