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#54185 - First off I asked, “Where is your husband?” Betty said, “I never married!” Samantha said, “No! We are just two horny girls living all by ourselves!” I asked, “Do you sell a lot of this stuff?” Betty said, “Not at all! You’re our first customer!” Samantha said, “If you move in with us you might be our last customer too!” I looked at them both and said, “What?” Samantha said, “Well mom said that if I really liked a guy that I could invite him to stay! I really like you!” Betty looked at the lump in my pants and said, “I really like you too! My bikini bottom is wet! Want to feel?” Samantha said, “Mine too!” Then she simple took it off and tossed it to me. “Feel it for yourself!” Betty stepped closer, took my hand, and placed it on her crotch, “Feel this for yourself!” So I stood there with my hand on Betty’s crotch and slipped a finger up her leg opening and into her very wet pussy as I stared at Samantha’s freshly shaved pussy. Since Samantha had her or

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