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#274044 - It was getting so you couldn't even let your kids watch anything by themselves anymore! Just then, a blond on TV came out of the bathroom wearing only a bra and very brief bikini panties! My god, said Claire, she must have had a real wax job to get into those pants!!! Or a shave, threw in Vera! Ooooh, a shave down there, said Jill, that must be scary having a razor on your, you know what!!! It's not so bad, said Claire, I've done it before and there was no problem at all! Just a trim or the whole thing, asked a wide eyed Jill? Well, replied Claire, the whole thing except a little on top!!! I'd be afraid of getting cut in the wrong place, laughed Vera, and with that line, they all roared with laughter!!! Anybody for some more wine, asked Jill? Everybody refilled their glasses and continued watching the program. Mmmm, that's better, Vera said, still drunk from all the wine. After rinsing it off, she asked softly, Well girls, how does

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