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#115776 - Kim finish up in the tub I am of to bed dad don’t for get to wake me ok, oh by the way Kelly rang I told her I would pick them up, thanks dad with that she went up the stairs to her room after about half an hour I picked up some of her laundry and took it up to her I popped into my com room and checked my monitor she had her eyes open fixing the sheet over her, I then went to her room and knocked lightly on door no answer so I let myself in she had her eyes close and fast asleep( you think) I put the laundry down and sat on her bed and put hand on her tight a squeeze it gently then moved it up slowly I could feel her mount under the sheet she did not have any thing on her you could see the shape of her breasts and her mount and v shape pussy I just played with her pussy trough the sheet you could see it get very damp from her juices, I pulled the sheet down, what a body; I had to get my mouth on that pussy soon. I went down and cooked dinner, I had just finish cooking called Kim w

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Love watching you two work
Maybe the cock should be the ticker on the wheel