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#282241 - go on the pray tell what you have to say i like britney alot and your causing her pain and your kind shouldnt be allowed to live here anyway so i laughed at him and said by my kind you mean gay i take it well you wanna listen up because britney wont settle down with you i mean look at you your ugly she just wants someone to cuddle upto at night and for the time being your that person the guy raised his fist at me and i said go for it becuase if you damage my car ((o thats right the pd found my car)) or the designer clothing im wearing i will send you the bill but hear this it take more than a punch to silence me so i got in my car and drove home when i got there i walked round to the shop and got some jack daniels and walked home when i got in i drank the bottle and a few hour later harvey got home and said why are you drunk and did you drive home like this i looked at harvey and laughed and said no i didnt drive and britney dont like me anymore because she is with the guy fr

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