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#365238 - I listen as she turns over the engine of her car and backs up, I hear people calling out in surprise as she nearly runs them over and I start to figure out how many people are out here. “See that’s the problem, you keep saying that all I have to do is ‘ask’ for it and you’ll ‘give’ it to me. “I’d love to indulge this fantasy that I’m some low end porn producer or whatever but I’m more of the financier and contract holder in events like this and if I did hold a contract for actionable videos that have been signed on camera,” I state my ‘theoretical position’,” then I would have signed someone to a multi scene deal and would probably need to remind her that she has two more left on her contract.

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Yuuta togashi
You are awesome
The absolute owning and destroying of a female there is much power in that her life will never be the same and you could tell lmao outstanding work props and respect
Fumika sagisawa
Hey does anybody want to play on minecraft 6b6t with me