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#216328 - . He has found and picked up her wet panties and holds them up to his nose for a moment savoring her ambiance before wadding them up and forcing them through her lips an deeply into her throat almost gagging her! This is followed by more duct tape that is wrapped around the back of her neck and tightly through her pursed lips several times! This has left her silently gurgling with the feminine taste of herself! She can make little noise now and is only able to breath through her nose! She is totally helpless, and to her this uncertainty is even more terrifying as he has taken his big cock and sticks it directly in her face, and pulls the sleep mask up! This is so that she can see it, and that the rapist is a big naked black man, this has left her eyes wide and terrified with fright! He is also a muscular man and with the realization of his still hard and gigantic manhood that is only inches from her face coupled with the sinister half ski mask leaves her scared shitless and trembling

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