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#41783 - Lyn and Sue went for a walk to the toilets in the afternoon, both wore just a man's shirt, but open, it was some time before they returned, it seems a guy who checks the site had come along, and talked to them, when I saw Lyn wipe her finger across her lips, I knew she or they had given him a blow job, they laughed and told us that his cock kept growing bigger as they talked, and in the end Sue went down and began to blow him, Lyn of course joined in. I thanked Al for fucking me and told him we will be staying another day as well, and asked if he could return, he smiled and said yes for sure then we went out to join in the orgy again, Gretchen and Sue taking 3 guys each, some now with soft cocks, had run out of cum, but still wanted to play with the girls, Lyn took on Lou who was trying to get his cock hard again. The night went extremely well, with everyone getting more than enough pussy or cock, I ate as much cum as I could get from the girls, but Rick was giving me a good run

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