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#335434 - Once again I was at the library with another girl who I sort of had a crush on but didn’t know to well but was still in the stage of dating girls without thinking, her name was Jenny she was skinny as a rake long golden hair very cute freckled face she attended the school across from me witch was one of the things I found sexy about her I always had a thing for a sexy ginger private school girl but our little date was interrupted by Rose walking in on us this time she spent all her time chatting up Jenny she even managed to get her to kiss a few times, at first I was jealous but was turned on at seeing 2 girls kiss each other they spent pretty much most of the time in the library kissing and making out. As class went on we started talking Rose started asking me if I was a virgin and how many times ive had sex she then went on to tell me that she has fucked half the guys at school. Once my dates bus arrived I kissed her on the cheek goodbye I went back down to see Rose staring at me

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Dong zhuo
Sexy sexy
Like scoob i can t remember the last time i saw velma naked
Not any hentai can make it
Toshiro hijikata
I like when she uses her feet