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#41134 - What was she doing, was she testing me, trying to find out if the way I’d looked at her the previous morning was just curiosity or something more than that, sexual interest? “Young man,” I heard her say “do you know what time it is, what did you do last night, you had a few drinks or something?” “No mom, I didn’t drink any alcohol” My parents were dead set against teenage drinking “Well, it looks that way to me, it’s ten in the morning and I had to come and wake you” “Mom, I didn’t drink anything” I said exasperated. Aunt V wrapped her long legs around mine, anchoring them and giving her leverage to wriggle nicely under me as I slammed into her hungry pussy. I longed for the opportunity to get them between my lips or fingers and vowed to myself that given half a chance to explore or use my aunt’s hot body an affinity for grabbing the bull by the horns.

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