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#194799 - I had told Gretchen she would be taking us both tonight, so I reminded Lou he still had her ass to fuck while I was in her pussy, it was then I heard the other lady gasp, and stop riding her partners cock, and say did I hear you right , I replied yes want to watch and a very quick yes please followed. I stopped for a second, then eased out, returning just as deep, then repeated that a few times, her sphincter now taking my cock easy, so a gentle push and another inch sunk inside her, she didn't pull forward this time, so slowly I worked the rest in, now she was beginning to ease back onto me, once I was balls deep I told her and began in earnest to fuck her ass. As he did they moved closer, then we could see it was a couple possible mid 40's or so, both average build , wearing shorts and tee shirts, as they got closer she had good sized tits too, and her tops came off soon after too, he then turned and kissed his lady, while they still kept a eye on us, my cock felt like it

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Great ass love watching it work
Takumi aldini
Thank you babe
Meguru watase
It looks brutal i love it
Shuuichi tsukamoto
You both would make a hot superman and wonder woman
Boroka borres