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#310848 - Gary was smaller he was about 6 inches I was able to deep throat him and I could feel his bush on my nose and chin I would keep it in there for like 5 seconds and then choke on it while in my mouth I would lick all the way from down he had a vain popping out that I could feel and I followed it up and down I guess it was such a turn on for him because I felt waves of cum and I tried to pull away but most of them got on my face I washed my face in the bathroom and went out to the showers most of the guys were showering so I joined them and told them that I was talking on the phone after two minutes Tom and Gary went in the team started saying back so soon I guess the coach was bluffing they answered he wasn't she was amazing I don’t care how ugly this chick is I will marry her and then went on telling them how great it was and describing every detail I could notice everybody having in erection and then went on showering after a while there was a few of us left they told me t

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