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#65448 - Dean do I really have to water bored you again monkey sighed no you can always just stop playing with me but that would be no fun and I'm just starting to enjoy the games you always insists on playing dean said sarcastically Ok Ok! Dean just stop acting like a child playing soccer instead of tag!! you are 18 not 10 and this is torcher not soccer. Reborn and one day in my next life I will conquer the world by force if necessary to bring peace to the supernatural of the world and as the arrow explodes on contact with the tower of Babel creating a fireball That engulfs the country leaving nothing but a bird that has been infused with the fires of the blast and the phoenix was born to search for a soul worthy of its power. That one definitely never gets old the first man looked at one of the other men and tells him to refill the jug yes monkey and he runs out the back door and dean can hear the water running.

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