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#111195 - He says “Princess Mendzina, you should not be in here, you must leave, I cannot be held responsible for my actions if you don’t” I approach the bath and take my dress off with one pull, I am standing there naked in front of him, his eyes are looking at my body, devouring it with his eyes, I watch his cock getting harder still, he gets out of the bath and walks to the door and tells me again “you must go, I have to insist, you’re father will kill me if he finds us like this”, I don’t move and finally he turns around and starts locking the latch and then he approaches me, he grabs me and picks me up and carries me to the bed and then throws me on it. I am in shock, I can’t move, I can’t speak. I call him every name I can think of, hating him with every pore in my body, little did I realize that each word that was coming out of my mouth was getting him more excited, his cock was growing hard again, I couldn’t believe it.

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