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#287051 - I quickly picked up the KY from the bed squirted some at the entrance to her arse and slid some inside her as well, I smeared some over the shaft of my penis and an even more generous amount onto the head, I guided the tip until it was touching her, Are you sure ? No, but do it anyway. Never mind, I won't do anything you don't want to do. I willingly obliged, this time sliding my tongue in and out of her before collecting and returning the nectar to her mouth, I returned my mouth to her pussy and eagerly tasted her, I thrust my tongue into her revelling in the sounds of pleasure escaping her lips, she began to roll her hips in time with my thrusting, I stopped teasing her again, her legs strained against the straps holding her in place, she moaned quietly, pulling her arms against the bonds, I replaced my tongue with two fingers watched her initially tense then relax as they slid deeper inside her, I slowly started to fuck her with them gradually building

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