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#366271 - We all together decided to have group sex at Buddy’s place. I gathered my strength miraculously, I stood up, limped towards Buddy, my cock was flabby, I grasped his long sexy hair, pulled his head towards my cock, but Buddy amazingly chose the testicles, he licked them, he squeezed the scrotum from behind, so my testes swelled forwards, he put them inside his mouth like the bitches. He turned his back to my face then he began sitting down slowly, as my glans stuffed deep inside his asshole, we both felt a terrible pain, ‘AHH’ we both yelled, I was unable to stuff it any deeper, I turned around and I found the crème can just beside me on the floor, I picked it up quickly and asked Buddy to lift his ass up alittle, he slowly lifted it up.

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Oh hell yeah
You got a great body but you need to be a bit more creative with the hentai ideas i can help if you want