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#332607 - Alyssa was crying now with the humiliation and pain she was feeling now she now found Amie’s shaven pussy being pushed into her face and Amy’s hand on the back of her head forcing her mouth and nose into Amy’s cunt she did the only thing she could she started licking Amy’s pussy so Amy would let up on the pressure and allow her to take a breath. Alyssa lay on the floor on her back moaning with pain as she felt the air run over her sore cunt and even more sore gaping asshole. Alyssa became a well treated pet along with Rex and spent many years enjoying the treatment she received from her three masters.

Read Cocksucking 【周二连载】偷窥(作者:李乙 & 經文旗) 第1~125话 Closeup 【周二连载】偷窥(作者:李乙 & 經文旗) 第1~125话

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