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#48154 - I licked his tight ass hole and slowly put the head of my dick on his hole and i told him to tell me when, he took a deep breath and said now and i put it all in at once he tightened up and he let out a loud cry. About a minute passed as he told me to fuck him harder and at the same time i was jerking him off. What if we get caught? We won't Well what do you wanna do to me? I've always wanted to lick your ass hole and suck your dick Won't that tast gross? NO not if you like to do it? If I let you do this to me you can't tell anyone about this, Ok! Do you think im stupid?, if anyone finds out im in deep shit because your only 13 and im 19 ok, lets go into your room and pretend to play the game! ok, as we walked in my room he made damn sure to lock the door behind him.

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