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#168618 - I looked down at her and told her that I should whip her for that, the bitch knew what she was doing I told them that they had to help Emily and if she didn’t get better they were all going to be whipped tied to the cross with a whip. Rebecca who is black and Emily another white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. I go to the cabinet and get a belt when I am tying her to the cross she tells me that she will do better and I tell her I know she will I tell the other girls that they can practice on each other until I am done and I see Regina get up on the bed and pull Kim with her they are on top of each other licking each other pussies like they are staving I turn back to Emily and I tell her that she is being punished because I don’t think that she is taking the training serious and that until she does she will be whipped everyday and if she doesn’t learn to follow my directions she will be sold to someone who will fuck her and slit her throat or I will do it myself.

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