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#191810 - After slipping off her panties and quickly fingering her very hairy brown bush, he getnly pushed her back onto the kitchen table, and when she was finally in position with her legs spread wide apart, he Leaned forward, pushing his face into the massive jungle of pubic hair while tonguing her red hot little slit!!! My god, he thought, the poor thing is dripping wet!!! Her cunt was slick as butter, and very sweet. Come on baby, she cooed, open up for mama, suck her big nipple! That was all she needed to say, and Al opened wide and was soon sucking down the sweet nectar that poured from nature's tap! As good as it tasted to Al, it felt ten times better to Wanda! Oh how she needed a good tit sucking, and this boy was giving her exactly that!!! Al was amazed at the amount of milk that was gushing into his hungry mouth, and he greedily sucked the huge nub, trying desperately to empty the huge breast of it's precious liquid.

Read Pool Saimin Kaihen Shameimaru - Touhou project Bwc Saimin Kaihen Shameimaru

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