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#196548 - I lifted my knees back as far as I could and it was feeling nice and unrushed for a change, as a matter of fact there was a possibility I might actually cum before him, he sucked one of my nipples into his mouth and the other kid knelt down and sucked the other one and I knew I was going to cum but then I felt cum squirting up inside me and came anyway, this one was a long slow gentle orgasm and when he pulled out and John slid into me my orgasm just kept rolling along, as I stared into his eyes and urged him to go slowly I kissed him passionately until Johns cum joined the others deep up inside me. Kathy grabbed me by the cock “not likely” she said as she dragged me off into the bedroom and sucked down my load in a few short minutes. John grunted and started cumming so I pulled off him until just the head was inside and let him dump his load at my entrance then said “Now try big boy” and lifted up a bit.

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Karina lyle
Bist ein super geiler rotfuchs bitte weiter so
Kaede minami
I had one of my ex do this to me except she was giving me head and she made me cum she love it so much that she suck me up every ounce of it she then continue to give me head and i was still nice and hard and then out of no where i came twice which i came within 2 minutes and i was surprised she suck every ounce of that she then continue on my 3rd orgasm and i think i got an orgasm and dont remember if i came since she sucked every ounce of juice out of me
Ako tamaki
I like to also be caught by my neighbors silly blinds lol