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#247757 - When slipped into bed that night, her thoughts would surely be about the thick young black cock that had satisfied her like nothing else in this world had ever done before! When she heard the rhythmic breathing of her husband indicating that he was fast asleep, she would slide her hand to her clit and with the image of the huge black cock in her mind, would masturbate to another shattering climax! Back at the club, Rolando returned to the floor and began circulating amongst the crowd, this time to make some quick cash, five to ten dollars for a fast feel, twenty to fifty for leisurely touching, one hundred for a blowjob, and two hundred or more a fuck! It was truly amazing to have a forty year old woman hand you two hundred dollars and then sit on your pecker in front of hundreds of screaming women! These are ladies who normally wouldn't even use foul language, but put them in a room with two or three hundred others just like them, ply them with a little booze, and before you k

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