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#200322 - She would encourage the women, however, to please try on any or all of the items being shown that evening, and she further went on to explain that lingerie they were modeling that evening could be ordered in red, black, white, nude, and pink. Reaching into a large black leather bag Vera Lane pulled out an eight inch plastic vibrator, and as she held it high for everyone to see, she said, A woman's best friend!! There was an audible gasp from some of the ladies in the audience but no one got up to leave--infact no one moved an inch!! With a quick twist of her wrist Vera turned the machine on and an audible buzz could be heard throughout the room. Why in the world did she ever agree to attend a lingerie party at Cathy's house? With Frank away on business and it being a week night, she had had trouble finding a sitter for the twins.

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