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#338430 - yesterday morning me and Harvey woke up and I went into the kitchen Harvey came in after me and said morning baby did you sleep well? I turned to face Harvey and said yeah I slept okay baby how did you sleep? Harvey smiled at me not to good I had a bad dream that we broke up and had to start all over again I looked at the floor and said isn't that what we are doing now? Harvey smiled and said yes it is after a few moment of awkward silence Harvey left the kitchen and I was left to myself and said to myself I wish we was like we was before I put my head into my hands and had a flow of emotions course though me I felt guilty that I broke our relationship, tired of trying to fix it without result, upset that I was making Harvey feel unwanted and the feeling of helplessness. ive never heard of anything more ridiculous in my life and with that my dad walked away closes to tears I got up and went to get Edvard I got back in the car and drove back to my apartment when I got

Read Gilf [Yao] Inma-sama ni Hallelujah! | 赞美淫魔大人! Ch. 1-2 [Chinese] [拾荒者汉化组] [Digital] Stepsis Inma2

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