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#14170 - But I bolstered his spirits “Yes” I said “Has potential” “Exactly I knew you would see it my wife has little concept she calls it a dump but wait till we through girl we will show em” Where was this we all of a sudden I am a secretary not a builder or architect I saw what his wife saw a rundown shack a dump as his wife called it “Come on in” he motioned “We are a bit early I will show you the plans” “In there” I pointed “Is it safe?” “Quite so my dear it is I would not put you at risk but you better wear this” He went to the trunk and got out two hard hats. “Who is it?” I enquired “Just business Hon how long till dinner” “Five minutes” “OK be there in a moment” He continued his conversation and came back into the room just as I was about to serve up. This is what I had in mind Mike was explaining but ours will also have a bar at one end and he was asking my opinion at the same time watching how things operated.

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Very hot
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You are awesome lets have some love