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#359509 - I ask if he missed her and he said yes because he was the only one to take care of her. She stops in front of me and reaches up and begins running her tongue along my head and sucking on my balls while her tongue is working me over hell she is good and as she takes me to the back of her throat she is swallowing while using her tongue and my eyes roll in into the back of my head she is stroking and petting my balls all the while she continues to suck he holding her mouth down on my dick and breathing through her nose this girl is a real dick sucker I feel my balls draw up and her takes my hand and places it on the back of her head I hear Rob talking to the other slaves telling them when you feel the dick in your mouth get harder it is when the man is getting ready to cum. I look up to see that she is putting on a strap on I know that she is going to fuck me she crawls up my body and begins kissing me I look over at Sir and he is staring at me with her he tells us to turn over and he l

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I wanna be her gf she s amazing
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Nice hentai