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#296593 - 30 the gang began breaking up to go for dinner, by 5pm there were only me ,Jamie , Barry and one of the twins Dean left sun bathing, Barry announced that he was going to grab a shower get his dinner and would catch us in the games room about 6. It was a very warm morning, the sun was blazing not something that we get a lot of in Scotland, but when we do we take full advantage of it, Barry said he would take the bread in to his mum get changed into his shorts, then he would get me at our van in ten minutes, I went in to ours and pulled on a pair of white nylon football shorts, then decided to be a bit naughty I pulled the shorts back off removed my boxers, then pulled the shorts back on, although the shorts had lining I had cut it under the balls part to make them loose, I don’t like tight things against my balls, but cut lining is also handy for two other things, it makes it easy to get your tackle out for a quick wank and of course deliberately exposing your self. and he agreed to

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Ren mihashi
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