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#229398 - ___________________________________ That Night I Went to my room and forgot my room was donated to Bitch Breanna and she sat up and said What are you doing then i said getting my clothes so i can leave i grabbed my clothes and left the bitches den, but before i could leave i heard her give a long sigh i told my self dont get involved But i found out i already turned around and said whats wrong More sarcastic then she though But she didnt pick up on it and said everything i sat down beside her and said with less sarcasm what she said ive had no life before your parents came along and saved me from that hell foster home i felt bad for the bitch and said well im not as Awesome as you think i am (trying to make her smile) Heh sure She said then me, loking at her face now and just realizing how lowly dressed she was, only a sports bra and shorts, Boy Shorts mmmm. and i nearly jizzed at the tone of her voice it was horrible i had to stand there and

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