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#317855 - James got out the car and walked round opening the passenger door, Then he grabbed Laura by her arm and said “were her baby, out you get, and don’t try anything silly” He cut the duck tape around her hands and then he walked Laura to the door, that lead them into the kitchen, and he held the knife to Laura’s back, and told her to walk straight, once they were in the living room, James told her to strip off her cloths, Laura stared at him and James hear-ed a muffled “no” threw the duck tape on her mouth, James lent over to her, and placed the knife on her chest, “Baby Laura… why do you have to be so difficult” Suddenly James kicked Laura in the stomach and she bellowed in pain, “See what happens! You must be a good girl” James stood over her and bent down and put the knife back to her stomach and cut into her top “Do you not understand baby, it didn’t have to be this way, this is your fault” Part 2 coming soon! ! ! !. ” James whispered in to h

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The second u bent over i bust
Thank you
Alphard alshua
Franki ryder
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Oh if anyone did this to me