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#249853 - So we stopped and drove a bit so his hardon could subside, my mom and i were going to be travelling in and staying at the preistery with him, because i had dancing in town the whole weekend, which meant we could carry on the next night. We began talking and flirting until i eventualy made the first moce and leant on him, he was still driving so couldnt do much, we eventually found a little space beside a river where we could park up and talk. Mum and I had got some dvds to watch so we spent a few hours watching them, before long Mum decided she was tired and went to bed (which by the way was upstairs, and i was sleeping downstairs, so was mike in a different room.

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Where is the money shot
Hot but not a virgin lol
Yoshitsugu otani
She know how to suck and lick dicks and her ass can take it damn fine