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#338920 - i sucked his cock then he layed on top of me and fucked my mouth while he grunted pleasurabley. and then his ass on my dick felt so good i pushed and pushed for a while and then got off of him, i told him to take me and told me i was really speacial, i layed on my stomache and he put some lub eon his dick and on my ass, and he got on top of me and pished the tip in i screamed extremely loud and he said , oh baby thats tight, i love that young fresh ass, i looked back into his steel blue eyes with a painful expression, and he said , it'll just hurt for a few minutes baby, and he proceeded to go in , slowly until the 10 and a half inches were in, i was in so much pain, he went in and out slowly , it hurt so bad but at the same time i was really sexually aroused, he started goin a lot faster and i could hear my ass hitting his dick in balls, yoiu just don't find asses like this, he said with his adorable sounthertn accent and then lost control and went ass fast as he can and

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I fourth that
Mrs. briefs
Amazing hentai btw that river is almost like shrek s swamp