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#277399 - But the real surprise and humiliation came when Corky was allowed to help Sarah out of the pool, and in doing so had left her standing there bottomless with her bare assed, and it sinfully exposed for all to see, as she had worn nothing under her trousers! It took several minutes for her to realize she was bare below the waist and several more for someone to fish out her trousers as a towel was finally wrapped around her naked and most attractive young bottom! This had left her crimson and horribly embarrassed! Over the next several weeks small arms training were conducted, where all did well. Has returned to Somali, his homeland to help this strife ridden country, one that has been plagued with civil war and corruption! He thinks that by clearing the coastal waters of foreign fishing trawlers or pirating and plundering any vessels that enter their waters abducting the crew and holding them for ransom he is helping his poor country! The foreign commercial fishing fleets have b

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Maybe if they did a bit more of this the war over there would have already ended
Leina vance
Lmk if i should make a hentai like this with my girl