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#77922 - “ Its no bother, it's not every day I get to talk to a beautiful, Australian girl, I'm Dean by the way” The girl blushed slightly at his comment tucking her blonde locks behind her ears before replying,“ It’s nice to meet you Dean I'm Lea, so I guess you are going to Australia for business?”. Lea gingerly stood from her seat and Dean followed suit to allow her room to exit, he tried to cover his hard-on but not before Lea noticed the clear bulge, she smirked with delight loving the effect she was having on the older man, as she took the first few steps down the aisle a naughty thought went through her mind, she turned around, her head swiveling right to left to see if anyone was looking her way “ hey wanker”, she whispered towards Dean catching his attention before reaching down to grab the hem of her pink hoodie and lifting it up over her ample breasts that were covered by a Lacy brassiere, the cups were black, with white dots and white and black lace straps, as qui

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Sae niijima
Wow your hot