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#390910 - Frank then went on to explain that after the vibrator was put inside her pussy, it would be controlled by the little box Frank had in his hand, he then had Claire lay back on the bed and carefully insert it into her tight pussy!!! As soon as it was inside of her, Frank hit the on button and a very soft hum could barely be heard coming from the area of Claire's crotch while an involuntary moan slipped from her lips as Claire felt the buzz invading her cunt! Just as she was getting into it, Frank shut it off and hurriedly started getting dressed while Claire stumbled to her feet and was about to take it out when Frank said, Leave it in, it should be fun!!! When they arrived at the Carr's, the driveway and street already were packed with vehicles. Now as readers of the Claire series already know, Claire has a sex drive that is set a little on the high side, and since Frank was away on business quite a bit of the time, when he was at home with her, he always tried to pay

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