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#260484 - she said she was really horney and i told her my my office is 5 min away and it was after 5 pm so i knew nobody going to be ther, so we drove to my office. she was spitting on my ball and liking while she work on my cock, i could help it i told her that i was about to cum and suck harder deeper as i came she went really deep and suck every drop into her mouth, i was in haven. A week passed i traveled to several states and while coming back home i got a phone call, it was her, lets her call her debbie, she said hello sal , i am kristie mom debbie, i knew who she was and i also said hello, i ask if she is avialable for coffee as it was around 4 30 in the afternoon, she agreed, we meet in Starbuck near my office, i must tell you i was nervious and horney at the same time, it was a hot summer afternoon and she was wearing a tight blouse and very short skirt and beautifull high heel sandle showing her beautfull pink feet.

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