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#343440 - The first day and night we had the whole resort for both of us, we enjoyed every minute in there, as there was no body other than us, except for the staff who were all at our service, the resort staff consisted of Maria, the woman in full charge, who was in her mid-forties, good looking woman for her age, flirty and dresses sexy all the times, being the boss of all other staff, two other gorgeous young girls of late teens or early twenties. The alcohol effect along with Julio’s hand rubbing my upper thigh and pussy, the dirty jokes we were telling, all together turned me on, my pussy was leaking wet, I am sure Julio felt it easily, I noticed a little lump started building up at his crotch, under his shorts, it was growing up showing a clear hard on, the same was happening under Raul’s shorts, making all three of us turned on and horny, it wasn’t long till Julio’s fingers were sinking deep into my pussy, rubbing and finger fucking me. Another good thing, the staff would always mind

Read Analfucking 【周五连载】协议换爱(作者:遠德) 第1~62话 Tia 【周五连载】协议换爱(作者:遠德) 第1~62话

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Risa kamizaki
Good stuff
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