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#379105 - The time I am narrating about was when our matric exams were nearing. Saying so she got up in a hurry she forgot the nicker was very loose and it fell around her ankles. we started sucking each other in 69 position and Ipushed a finger inside her choot, and kept pushing it in and out, she shuddered and gave off lot of white discharge, her discharge was quite smelly, very strong and also a lot of it I lapped some swallowed some and let it flow on her thighs, she suddenly squeezed my Lund with her mouth and sucked me hard I could not control myself and came in her mouth at first it lokked she would take away her mouth but she soon tookmy whole cock inside her mouth and let me cum in pleasure, she swallowed and said, I never swallow that man's cum, it is pungent, because he drinks She removed her mouth and was surprised to find my cock still erect, then I laid her on the bed and all that I had seen in the blue movies I tried those tricks with her, though shewas young her cunt

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